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Upping Your Photography Game? Here's the practical approach.



This question is all too common. How do I take better photos?

There is a straightforward way to do it. It’s the only proven way to do something better.

Do it every day!

Photography is more popular than ever in 2017, technology is better, and the internet is based upon 5 to 10 platforms that mostly rely on visual content. The ability to create has never been more natural and the education to learn how to create visually stunning content is freely available. 
I started taking sports photos when I was 12 years old, a family friend of mine gave me a camera to use, and I started getting my pictures published at an early age. After university, I forgot about photography and pursued VFX in the film industry, and I had some excellent luck and hard work put in me in a high position. 
Now I live in London working in VFX, and I naturally began to take photos of my travels. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I went out and to retake great pictures. I wanted to build up my Instagram and polish up my photography as some inspiring photographs reignited my drive. I thought I could do that. Sure enough, I realized because I hadn’t been practicing every day I had lost a lot of what it took to make great photos.

"Now I do it every weekend, two full days and hundreds of photos"

I feel like I’m back in the swing of it all, pushing myself creatively. Some new learning curves came up; however, Instagram is a different platform for pictures. You need to rethink composition, editing, and style for the platform. If you plan to have an extensive following on that platform consistency goes a long way too. I am amazed how attention is more important than the quality of the content, and it also raises the point that photography is very subjective. What people like can widely differ between photographers and consumers alike. A significant part of putting your photography online is that you can own your style and have the people that like your work find you.

"Don’t be discouraged by popularity on platforms, remember why you do it."

If your having trouble finding the motivation to shoot try something different, maybe shoot video or like myself I’m using today to write a piece about my experiences. It’s all about chipping away at what you love, we often have widely ambitious creative pursuits that can be fulfilled within our minds instantly. In reality, pursuing our artistic visions takes a long time. However, optimism for your ambitions will allow you to make your creative dreams one step at a time. Just don’t forget you need to be in it every day no matter what you do.

Love what you do, and the process behind it and everything else will follow.

"My Career in VFX has taught me how to concept, revise and final a piece of work by running the creative process."

Simple workflow to challenge your photography skills.

I come from a VFX background, So my five steps are going to feel a little odd for a guide to photography but its indeed a basis for allowing the creative process to happen with whatever you’re trying to achieve. Give it a go and see what you think.

1: Research and find reference for what you want to achieve

2: Make a plan and go shoot. Use your reference as an artistic guide to keep you on track.

3: Get help, or collaborate with people better than you.

4: Final the image and receive feedback.

5:Do it better every day!

Written by,
Daniel McDonald.

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The thoughts and ideas expressed in the writing are solely his own opinion.